Getting Started with Animation…

Lego animation isn’t as complicated as you think In this writing and pictures I will teach you how to make them.

Materials needed 

  • iMovie
  • Stop motion
  • Models
  • Minifigures 
  • Blue paper
  • A lamp or to
  • Lego base plate
  • And any other objects needed in the film

First we will set up our studio 

You need as much space as your film would need to make the main part of the film

Materials needed

  • A table to put your base plate 
  • Blue paper 
  • A dark and quiet area 
  • Lights 
  • A devices stand to keep your devices still to take pictures

Now we are gonna use stop motion if your not familiar with the apps picture look below.

Stop Motion App

This app will do most of the work during the film. It takes many pictures and about 200 will make 1 minute of the film. The slower the movement the longer the film. 

Animating the characters and vehicles 

Timing and spacing 

Depending on how fast you want the character or vehicle to move will either make it fast or slow. If you’re making the character walk you would take more pictures than you would if you were making a car move.  As shown below you see a motorbike in the smaller pictures below the space at the front gets smaller and smaller and if you do that you will make the motorbike move. If you play it you will see the motorbike moving.

Understanding this will help you create and think of how to make other objects throughout the film move and that’s the first bit you need to know. Understanding the way a video is taken will help you make your animation like a video being taken. It will take many pictures automatically but here it’s manual ed.

Set design and lighting 

Backgrounds are in important part of making the people watching think that there in somewhere seeing it depending on what your film is about can make you either have a lot of scenes or not having as many light blue is a good background on a sunny day in the film but dark blue is good for underwater or on a stormy day.

As you see there are trees, a sandy ground and bushes to help the person watching the film feel like they’re actually watching it and they feel as if they’re there.

Backgrounds should not be moving if they are the person watching the film can get dizzy and would not enjoy the film. This also contributes to the quality of the film and you would not be happy about it and you will be frustrated after all that work.

If having many scenes do all of the scenes at that place at the same time so you will not get tired of moving the background all the time. 

Lighting is also an important part of the film if you don’t have enough light the background will become blurry and this affects the quality so adding in lamps will not get you frustrated for the work you have done.

Recording and talking

You can have your whole family or not Join in or you change voices for different characters but all characters need different voices if they don’t it’s hard to know who is speaking who so please add different voices. First you are going to have to get imovie and once you have it you got to export your movie where you see the plus sign is where you will see the exporting sign if you have a MAC airdrop it once you have done that export the video to imovie. 

The microphone button you see in the picture below is for recording voices there you can edit the recordings and more.

The finished project

Once you have done that add Transitions, Titles and Credits to the film. Present your work when your finished send it to your friends and show it to your family members

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