Manhattan micro scale

Manhattan is a place in New York south Manhattan is what I have been working on this week. For the people living in the covid time I think even if we may not go to cities that we would have wanted we can build them here are some pictures of the city and a quick video to explain how to build a few buildings were taken separately to show you basic buildings to get your micro city started. 

Putting different layers in buildings can make your cities come to life because they look very much like floors adding glass objects also improves your cities.

Here is a building with a tree next to it this is probably the fastest way to make a tree as well as the simplest insert building with tree under it

Here is a quick video on how to build the one world trade center the video on how to build the one world trade center here’s the link

Here I added a tower of tomorrow’s world just for fun it isn’t actually in Manhattan the building with orange and white satellite dishes

Here is a simple way to build a bank in a city this is actually in Manhattan but may not be a bank here put the grey building with a white thing on the top

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