The Garage

This is the garage. It has a small shop, a waiting area for customers, a car lift and workshop and has two fuel pumps. At the back of the garage there’s a tyre fitting centre.

The Car Lift

The Shop

How to make the shop the first thing you will need is a 16 times 16 square when you have done that.

The counter

You need to leave one side with a line and then get 1 times 12 white pieces and another 12 times 4 to make the counter area when you have done that. Add a  4 x 2 smooth piece for putting goods and add a 2 x 2 printed slope add a few 1×1 peices of different colors and add to the back where the white 1 x 12 piece. Then your done with the counter area

The rest of the shop

You can add 2 x 1  piece’s and stack them up to make goods then you can add screens after that tile the floor and add grey pieces on the outside which are grey add more details to the walls and add doors and windows after put a roof and add grey on top then you’re done.

The other building is where you pay and wait for your car to be checked and you can also buy tools

This is a bit more simpler than the shop. It has a grey floor and has 2 glass windows with a 1 x 6 white piece and 4 tall 2×1 pieces and then a roof there’s a grey counter with a tool and a sofa to sit on. 

Tyre fitting centre

One idea we had to make a tyre fitting centre was to use a standard lego brick with the X hole in the centre. You can then push an axle into the hole and then stack different size tyres on top.

The Car Lift

The car lift is made using Lego levers. You would need a piece that has a whole on each side and is about as tall as 6 standard Lego bricks and 4 of them. As shown on the picture above add them to the levers after add 4 pieces similar to the one on the picture above and put a 16 x 16 square piece above as the roof. Next add 2 x 1 pivot bricks and connect it to the levers add a piece to on top of them and it should be as wide as 6 bricks or more.

Car with full body check
Customer waiting area

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